MyNDTALK - America - The Land of The Screwed?

Friday, November 14, 2014
America - The Land Of The Screwed?

Dr. Brewer is joined by Bruce Jacobs, (author of two books on race relations), for a look at the other side of the most recent election, the country's approach to Ebola, ISIS, etc.

Mr. Jacobs says, "Democrats such as the defeated Anthony Brown (Democratic Candidate for Governor of Maryland)— who strolled around Maryland making vague but pretty declarations about everyone’s right to health care and good schools — fall directly into the clutches of Republican fake populists. Such faint-hearted Democrats personify the accusation that government cannot be trusted. And by zipping their mouths shut on the vital question of who in fact is screwing most Americans, Dems squander their trump card in a nation where any given citizen will tell you bluntly that the rich are the boss.”
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