And So It Goes...

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Again I join the voices of those who work to add to the understanding, the exploration , the acceptance of the fact of racism - the foolishness, the ugliness and the damage of racism and the critical, urgent need to cure the debilitating mental illness that can only serve to shrink our country, our collective wisdom, and our growth.  

 White 'superiority' in fact was never real it was the fairy tale that was told to relieve the first ‘American’ criminals of their crimes of murder, abuse, rape, and theft.

To be the best of human beings we need to demand of ourselves that we acknowledge the clear and present and longstanding social, economic gender, political and educational differences that potentially exist between us.  Not because there are inherent intellectual differences between us – but because there are inherent race-related differences in access. 

Pamela B Brewer

RACISM with all its poisonous tentacles will continue to reach out, choke out and ultimately destroy us all until we actively, mindfully, courageously, relentlessly exercise the self-regard, and other-regard to cure this disease, this mental illness that is all but squeezing the life out of our nation and our planet.

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