If It Is Unacceptable.... It Really Is !

Monday, June 26, 2017
If It Is Unacceptable....

For many years I have closed each MyNDTALK conversation with a reminder that "If it's unacceptable - it's unacceptable."  
An awareness of the truth and the power of this reminder is perhaps more urgently needed today than in recent history.  
There is too much that we see and hear that is most blatantly unacceptable.
 And yet we remain silent.
 We can not remain silent in the face of so much that is unacceptable.  
To remain silent is to offer tacit approval of what is not at all acceptable.  

To softly speak - but not act - is to not speak at all.  
And yet, there are times when the soft-spoken word is quite powerful - and prompts significant action.  
Be thoughtful with your words. 

To scream loudly and yet not act - is not to scream at all. And yet, there are times when the scream is so loud, it obscures the action.  Be mindful of your actions. 

If it is truly unacceptable - we must softly speak, consistently speak, boldly act -
and hold each other in loving spirit as we seek to restore our humanity. 

Be well...be in peace...and consistently speak with courage and strength...

Pamela Brewer