As 2020 is upon us....

Monday, January 6, 2020
As Year Begins...

For Many The Year Ending Is A Time Of Joy And Anticipation
for Many It Is A Time Of Stress ... Even Dread

Regardless Of Who You Are And Where You Are
consider Reflecting On Your Own Gifts....

Yes... You Do Have Them...
Consider Reflecting On Your Own Strengths... Yes, They Are Within You. 

Know That Small Is Not Always Small 
Large Is Not Always Good

Embrace Your Ability To 
care About Yourself AND Others

While You May Be Grieving A Loss - And That Is Your Right
look Around You - Feel Within You 
you Will Also Find A New Beginning

While You May Feel Full Up With Tears
Notice Their Consistencey - And Think Of The Purity And Strength Of Water...

Perhaps It Will Be A Symbol - A Reminder Of You...

Clear, Deceptively Lighweight And Yet - With Persistence - Amazing,  Strong, Powerful And Beautiful.