25 Years of MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer

Thursday, March 5, 2020
Aa many of you know, we are now in our 25th year. As a few of you know, MyNDTALK’s producer/engineer Jim Brown has been diagnosed with Mixed Dementia. Many of you have listened to Jim’s “5/30” series and been quite supportive. Thank you.
These years of essentially bringing MyNDTALK to you as a self-funded relationship/mental health program will be significantly changing over the next 3 months.By the close of April 2020, MyNDTALK will temporarily cease programming and return in a video format by the first week of September, 2020. The new video format will likely be once or twice monthly - we will let you know. If you would like to be kept up to date on the evolving MyNDTALK programming - let us know, by sending an email to Pamela@MyNDTALK.org We are considering continuing with the MyNDTALK exclusive , “5/30 - A Lived Dementia Experience with Jim Brown” - the final format yet to be determined.In the immediate coming weeks, effective the week beginning February 10th MyNDTALK will be aired 3 days a week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.MyNDTALK will cease to function as a non-profit entity. This means that, should you choose to contribute to the MyNDTALK expenses- (platform carriage, limited promotions, supplies, software, etc.) we will be more than grateful - but it will no longer be tax-deductible.We will be removing all the “donation” and 501 (C) (3) information from the website, but will maintain the site - thus you will continue to have on demand access to MyNDTALK programming.The ability to bring MyNDTALK to you over the years - and the response from you has fed and sustained us in ways that words can not express. Thank you.We look forward to your continued listenership as MyNDTALK evolves.

Pamela Brewer
Jim Brown