Men's MONDAY James Garbarino Children Who Kill January 27 2020

Men's Monday
Every man walks his own path - has his own story to tell
Here's another...

Are children who kill a lost cause?  Should they be locked up for life?  Should they be given a second change? 
Today's guest shares his professional experiences of working with children - who kill.

If you are a man or know of a man who has a story to tell, a mission to achieve, or a mission accomlished - he might be 
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MyNDTALK Thoughtful THURSDAY When Truth Mattered Robert Giles April 30 2020

It's Expert Day at MyNDTALK!

"When Truth Mattered is a gripping, authoritative account of a young editor and his staff painstakingly pursuing the truth of the Kent State shootings on May 4, 1970 – a tragedy that has haunted the nation for 50 years
and significantly changed the debate about the Vietnam War. 
The editor, Robert Giles, takes you inside the turmoil and drama of the Akron Beacon Journal newsroom on that fateful day, and on campus at Kent State University, a Midwestern college under siege.
Robert provides an urgent lesson for today: What is the role of truth in media?

Can you trust the news that you’re hearing and seeing? If not, how do you equip yourself? 
When Truth Mattered shows how journalism was done right … and how those standards must still be applied today." 

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MyNDTALK WEDNESDAY Famous Faces Decoded Dan Hill April 29 2020

"Vital to emotional intelligence is fluently reading the language of facial expressions. Famous Faces Decoded shows you that emotions are hidden in plain sight on all of our faces. You'll learn how emotions shape and reflect our personalities, driving behavior. ... From whom to hire, to sales, negotiations, and interacting with your boss, colleagues or customers, as well as in dating, marriage or handling your kids,
Famous Faces Decoded will help anyone keen on securing more steadfast rapport with others."

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TUESDAY Inside the Mask of the President - Who Is He Who Is He Not? Dr. Justin A. Frank

Transitions Tuesday
Life is filled with unexpected events - how should we look at them? 

"No president in the history of the United States has inspired more alarm and confusion than Donald Trump.
As questions and concerns about his decisions, behavior, and qualifications for office have multiplied,
they point to one primary question: Does he pose a genuine threat to our country?"

"Dyslexic is the remarkable story of Mike Balzano,
an undiagnosed learning-disabled child of working class immigrants whose antisocial behavior earned him the name "Crazy Mikey."
Failing at everything, he became a garbage collector until crippled by a back injury.
He then entered an optical apprenticeship that turned his life around. He earned a high school diploma, graduated from a university magna cum laude, and earned a PhD with distinction from Georgetown University in Washington, DC

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