Men's MONDAY John Allcock 40 Things to Tell Your Children

Men's Monday
Every man walks his own path - has his own story to tell
Here's another...

John Allcock has much to share.  Listen to his parenting wisdom - from a father's perspective. 

If you are a man or know of a man who has a story to tell, a mission to achieve, or a mission accomlished - he might be 
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FRIDAY: The Psychological Side of Bullying

FRIDAY: The Psychological Side of Loss

School is out.  Time for fun.  Also time for reviewing the year and preparing for the year ahead.  Learn about the dynamics of bullying.

Thoughtful THURSDAY White Kids Dr Margaret Hagerman

 Listen and learn from experts in the fields of helping others
Thoughtful THURSDAY
It's Expert Day! 

In today's world  - wrought with racial tension - there are some who fight against the scourge.  But what if their "fight" is not as successful as they would hope? 
Why? What is to be done? 

You can always tune to to hear a different conversation - learn a new perspective -
enjoy a renewed sense of hope and possibilities

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Women's WEDNESDAY: Angela Himsel A River Could Be a Tree

Every Woman Has a Story to Tell - A Path To Share - Here's Another...
Women's Wednesday

  She grew up in a restrictive religious househould - How did thie German woman turn to Judaism? 

Every Wednesday is Women's Wednesday - It is the day we walk a path with/about another woman - 
learn from her experiences and celebrate her

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Transitions TUESDAY: Grief Recovery Dr Gail Gross

Transitions Tuesday
Life if filled with transitions - here's another to consider

Dr. Gail Gross says the only way to heal from grief - is to go through the process.  Join her - and allow yourself to heal. 

Every Tuesday you will learn about a transition.  What it is - it's impact - and options.