Men's MONDAY Dr Stephen P Hinshaw A Different Kind of Madness

Men's Monday
Every man walks his own path - has his own story to tell
Here's another...

"...Stephen Hinshaw never imagined that a profound secret was kept under lock and key for eighteen years within his family-
that his father's mysterious absences, for months at a time, resulted from serious mental illness and involuntary hospitalizations."

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MyNDTALK THOUGHTFUL Thursday Patricia Wilkinson Brain Stages

It's Expert Day at MyNDTALK!

 "Brain Stages is the ultimate leg up for parents and caregivers in today’s complicated, competitive world.
A grade-by-grade guide through the formative elementary school years,
this conversation will put you in the direction of having fun with your kids as you help them grow into successful, well-adjusted humans."

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MyNDTALK Women's WEDNESDAY Ora Nadrich Says Who August 21 2019

Every Woman Has a Story to Tell - A Path To Share - Here's Another...
Women's Wednesday

"If there is an overriding philosophy that Ora Nadrich ascribes to, it is this: you can help yourself solve your own problems,
you can do it daily, and the process doesn’t need to be complex. ... Simplicity is her mantra.

Every Wednesday is Women's Wednesday - It is the day we walk a path with/about another woman - 
learn from her experiences - her challenges -  and celebrate her

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Transitions TUESDAY: A Real Time Dementia Story 5/30 Jim's History - Part 2 August 20 2019 

Transitions Tuesday
Life is filled with transitions - here's another to consider

Jim's professional life in the communications industry spans 50+ years.  
Today's episode of 5/30 will introduce you to more of his career.  He shares this with you - while also sharing his current day experience
of having been diagnosed with Mixed Dementia on 5/30/19.  You'll learn more about Jim's life prior to his diagnosis.

Share the dementia journey with someone who is living with the diagnosis right now...