MyNDTALK - Focused Forward - James Ochoa, LPC

Monday, April 11, 2016
James Ochoa, LPC: Focused Forward

Author and self proclaimed “ADHD-er” James M. Ochoa, LPC goes beyond the management and scheduling techniques to deal with what really holds so many ADHD-ers back—the emotional fallout of ADHD. He identifies how to manage and alleviate symptoms of a PTSD-like condition he calls the Emotional Distress Syndrome, with practical, proven advice including: 

•   Understanding the link between ADHD and emotional distress

•   What Emotional Distress Syndrome (“EDS”) feels like

•   How to construct an Emotional Safe Place 

•   How to recruit your own Mental Support Group

•   Eight essential tools to help you cope 

•   And more...

With wisdom, humor, and empathy, James discusses his journey past the pain and shame toward a future full of possibility, balance and joy. 
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