Friday On The Psychological Side: On the Other Hand - Dr. Howard I. Kushner

Friday on the Psychological Side: Left-Handedness
Every part of our lives has a psychological side
September 29, 2017

"Since the late Stone Age, approximately 10 percent of humans have been left-handed, yet for most of human history left-handedness has been stigmatized. In On the Other Hand, Howard I. Kushner traces the impact of left-handedness on human cognition, behavior, culture, and health. In this comprehensive history of left-handedness, Kushner asks why left-handedness exists. He examines the relationship - if any - between handedness, linguistics, and learning disabilities, reveals how toleration of left-handedness serves as a barometer of wider cultural toleration and permissiveness, and wonders why the reported number of left-handers is significantly lower in Asia and Africa than in the West.  On the Other Hand tells a comprehensive story about the science, traditions, and prejudices surrounding left-handedness. Indeed, in many ways - On the Other Hand is a metaphor for all the isms to which we allow ourselves to fall victim."

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