Friday On The Psychological Side: The Fix - Sharon Leder

Every part of our lives has a psychological impact & consequence...

"Who is Josef Katz? The fun-loving, harmonica-playing dad Sara loves
so much? Or the monster who abuses Sara's mother and locks himself in
the bathroom, unable to beat his addiction? Eight-year-old Sara Katz
huddles under the covers, listening to her parents' muffled arguments
and fighting the sleep that inevitably brings her bad dreams of her
terrifying Shadow Father, a heroin addict. As Josef's sickness
worsens, young Sara is torn apart by her family's need to keep its
"shame" a secret from its Jewish community in Brooklyn. Sara finds
herself drawn to the liberation movements of the 1960s while feeling
trapped in the darkness of her father's addiction and his untimely
death. Will Sara ever learn the truth about how her father became
addicted and why he couldn't get well? How will she find her own
identity if her family can't embrace its truth? And if Sara reveals
her father's secret, will she find freedom or destroy her family?"


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