Friday On The Other Side - Democracy Betrayed: Dr. William Keller

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Friday - On the Other Side: The Rise of the Surveillance State
Every part of our lives has a psychological consequence...
June 30, 2017

Democracy Betrayed: Dr. William Keller

"As a society, we have yet to comprehend the meaning of universal
digital interconnection, its impact on our psychology, and its
transformation of our government and society. America is at a
crossroads in contending with a security goliath; it is the
beginnings of a police state, and the conversion of our  'liberal
democracy' to a 'secure democracy'-- one where government
overreaches, tramples on civil liberties, and  harnesses great
advancements in technology to spy on the populace. Dr. Keller walks
us through what these changes can mean to our society and, more
importantly, what we can do to halt our march toward intrusive and
widespread surveillance."

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