Friday On The Other Side - Making Peace with Suicide : Dr. Adele McDowell

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Friday: On the Other Side: Suicide
March 17, 2017

Making Peace with Suicide : Dr. Adele McDowell

Dr. Adele McDowell, author of Making Peace with Suicide: A Book of
Hope, Understanding, and Comfort takes a thoughtful look at the
world-wide phenomena of suicide. Dr. McDowell discusses this book she
wrote for anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide and felt that
sucker punch of grief; for anyone who is in pain, walking unsteadily,
and considering suicide as an option: and for anyone who works with,
guides, or counsels those feeling suicidal and/or suffering the
profound grief from a suicidal loss. McDowell discusses stories of
courage, vulnerability, and steadfastness from both the survivors of
suicidal loss as well as the unique perspective of the formerly
suicidal. This conversation will be good medicine for the body, mind,
and soul.

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