Women's Wednesday: Lynda Schuster Dirty Wars and Polished Silver

Every Woman Has a Story to Tell - A Path To Share - Here's Another...
September 27, 2017 

"Growing up in 1970s Detroit, Lynda Schuster felt certain life was happening elsewhere. And as soon as she graduated from high school, she set out to find it. Lynda discusses Dirty Wars and polished silver, the story of her life abroad as a foreign correspondent in war-torn countries, and, later, as the wife of a U.S. Ambassador. It chronicles her time working on a kibbutz in Israel, reporting on uprisings in Central America and a financial crisis in Mexico, dodging rocket fire in Lebanon, and grieving the loss of her first husband, a fellow reporter, who was killed only ten months after their wedding. But even after her second marriage, to a U.S.diplomat, all the black-tie parties and personal staff and genteel"Ambassatrix School" grooming in the world could not protect her from the violence of war."

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