Women's Wednesday - Lisa F. Smith Girl Walks Out of a Bar

Women's Wednesday 
Every Woman Has a Story to Tell - A Path To Share - Here's Another...
June 28, 2017

Lisa F. Smith
Girl Walks Out of a Bar

"Girl Walks Out of a Bar explores Smith's formative years, her decade
of alcohol and drug abuse, divorce, and her road to recovery. In this
darkly comic and wrenchingly honest story, Smith describes how her
circumstances conspired with her predisposition to depression and
self-medication in an environment ripe for addiction to flourish.
When her close-knit group of high-achieving friends celebrate the end
of their grueling workdays with alcohol-fueled nights at the city's
clubs and summer weekends partying at the beach the feel-good times
can spiral wildly out of control. ... Beneath the façade of success
lies the reality of addiction."

Every Wednesday is Women's Wednesday - It is the day we walk a path with/about another woman -
learn from her experiences and celebrate her

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