Transitions Tuesday - Living & Loving after Betrayal - Dr. Steven Stosny

Transitions Tuesday
Every life is a compilation of transitions ...
June 27, 2017

Living & Loving after Betrayal
Dr. Steven Stosny

"Betrayal has many faces, including anger, abuse, deceit, and
infidelity. These feel like betrayal because they violate the
implicit promise of emotional bonds, that your loved one will care
about your well-being and never intentionally hurt you. If you've
recently left a relationship where you felt betrayed by your
partner--or if you want to repair one--it can seem impossible to view
the world without the shadow of past betrayal hovering over you. As a
result, you may struggle to create meaning in your life, find the
strength to forgive, or build new, loving relationships." Begin your
journey of healing with this conversation!

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