Men's Monday: Kelly Cresap Breaking Bad

Every Man Has a Story to Tell 
 Men's MONDAY - March 19, 2018

Author Dr. Kelly Cresap takes a look at the psychological underpinnings of the long-running television series, Breaking Bad. "Among the edgiest of shows ever aired, "Breaking Bad" now faces an insidious new archenemy: being liked to death. On the one hand, people have settled for what’s impressive about the series while missing what’s unprecedented.  "A Love-Hate Guide to ‘Breaking Bad’" shines a flashlight on places even the most obsessive fans have overlooked. It crosses the spectrum from loving to hating to provoke new ways into the series. Whether you are a fan of Breaking Bad - or never watched a drop - this conversation will tickle your brain cells! Don't underestimate the power of television!


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