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WPFW-FM Radio, Washington, DC, 1996 - 2014
(Selected Topics):

            Domestic Violence
            Setting Limits
            Your Personal Power
            Relationship Red Flags
            Elder Abuse
            Adult Adoptees 
                                 Racism in the Schools                       
            Blended Families
            Sexual Assault
            Dating After Divorce
            Smart Parenting
            Sexual Harassment
            Teenage Pregnancy
            Post -Traumatic Stress 
            Child Abuse
            Crime Victims

WOL-FM Radio, Washington, DC 

            Mental Health

WBIG-FM Radio, Washington, DC

            Eating Disorders

XM Satellite Radio, Washington, DC


WRKS-FM Radio New York, New York

            Domestic Violence

WKTU-FM Radio New York, New York

            Domestic Violence

WNBC-TV New York, New York

            Adult Adoptees
         Untapped Resources - Legal Services for the Disabled

NewsChannel 8  Virgina
Selected Topics

Relationships In Progress
Parenting Your Adult Children
Psychological Response to the Government Shutdown
New Years Resolutions
Post 911 - First Christmas
Domestic Violence
Elder Abuse

WKYS-FM Radio, New York, New York

Child Abuse
            Domestic Violence

NBN Radio, New York